Euromedica Research Lab

EUROMEDICA RESEARCH LAB is a product innovation division within the EUROMEDICA Group, established in 2006. We specialize in formulating and creating top-quality treatments using the latest technology for our valued clients.

Our Research and Development team understands that achieving innovation and success in the global marketplace demands passion, hard work, and years of expertise. Furthermore, we meticulously assess what works and what doesn't for our clients' bodies and skin.

Our extensive experience and expertise in various fields and technologies enable us to provide solutions based on the principles of functional care, tailoring our products and treatments to a wide range of client needs.

We ensure that the ingredients in our products and treatments are free from harmful substances to health and the environment. We believe that our exclusive products and treatments, developed not only for profit but also for providing effective, results-oriented treatments, can help you attain the body shape and skin tone you desire.

These are some of the innovations we have launched.


Our secret to achieving revitalized, brighter skin with an improved texture.

Euromedica Research Lab presents ALPHABOOSTER, an intensive treatment that utilizes a mesogun injector to introduce a concentrated serum for anti-aging and brightening into the dermis, aiming to revitalize, brighten, and enhance skin texture.


Innovative body care to reduce fat. Minimal downtime, maximum results!

Euromedica Research Lab offers the -10 MINUS TEN treatment, a non-invasive fat freezing procedure that utilizes Cryolipolysis, Vacuum, and LED technology to permanently reduce fat cells without pain.

  • Minimal recovery time
  • Destruction of fat cells through apoptosis
  • Reduction in centimeters with minimal discomfort

The best technology for perfect, radiant, and hyperpigmentation-free facial skin.

Euromedica Research Lab presents INSTAWHITE+, the hyperpigmentation eraser. This treatment combines two technologies, Luminous laser and Instawhite serum with a mesogun injector, which can suppress melanocyte activities, help improve hyperpigmentation, and achieve a brighter complexion.


An advanced treatment for stronger, healthier, and thicker hair.

Euromedica Research Lab presents HAIR PLUS treatment, promoting new hair growth with up to 50-70% more strength, health, and density in hair follicles. This treatment detoxifies hair strands and improves microvasculature and blood circulation in the scalp.


Skin firming treatment with the latest MF HIFU technology.

Euromedica Research Lab presents a revolutionary skin-firming treatment with the latest and most advanced technology. Utilizing the MF HIFU (Multy Functional High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) method, ULTRAFORMER III offers a non-invasive treatment that can help achieve maximum skin and body firming results with minimal recovery time.


The best treatment to brighten and even-out facial skin tone.

Consistently pioneering innovative solutions, Euromedica Research Lab introduces HYDRAWHITE—an effective facial skin treatment. This advanced approach employs a mesogun injector to deliver serum deep into the skin's dermal layers. Designed to address issues like hyperpigmentation, redness, and dullness, HYDRAWHITE promotes a more even and radiant facial skin tone.


Enhance the quality of your facial skin with improved firmness, hydration, and moisture.

Unlock the secret to elevating the quality of your facial skin with DNA MATRIX PLUS. This treatment employs low-pain injections at five strategic facial points. Additionally, it integrates bio-restructuring technology to enhance the production of new collagen, promoting superior facial skin regeneration, firmness, and hydration.


The top skin regeneration therapy for a beautifully radiant and healthy facial complexion!

Euromedica Research Lab presents the SALMON DNA VITAL treatment, which aims to stimulate collagen production and accelerate the regeneration of new skin cells using salmon DNA. This treatment also works to improve skin texture and elasticity and nourish, moisturize, and brighten facial skin surfaces.


Indulge in the ultimate facial skin treatment, harnessing cutting-edge technology to firm up your skin and address concerns such as double chin and chubby cheeks.

A non-invasive treatment that firms up facial skin by combining Radio Frequency and Ultrasound technology, delivering thermal heat to the deeper layers of the skin. This treatment can effectively assist in eliminating fat in the lower cheek area and double chin.


The latest innovation in body treatment to instantly sculpt muscles and burn fat.

Euromedica Research Lab is once again innovating by introducing MAXSCLUPT. It’s a treatment that utilizes HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic), which can stimulate motor neurons, thus sculpting muscles in the body and aiding in fat burning. This painless treatment delivers maximum results.


A transformative body treatment designed to target stubborn fat beneath the skin and enhance the texture of loose skin.

A non-invasive body treatment that firms and reduces fat. Leveraging Radio Frequency and Ultrasound technology, this treatment delivers thermal heat to the deeper layers of the body's skin, ensuring clients achieve optimal and flawless results in their targeted areas.


Elevating skin's elasticity with the powerful combination of Peptox 36 serum and Microbotox, resulting in a complexion that is smooth, radiant, and free from acne.

This facial skin treatment combines Peptox 36 serum (comprising 36 types of multi-peptides) and 10IU Microbotox, delivered with a mesogun injector. The purpose of this facial skin treatment is to enhance skin quality, provide moisture to increase skin elasticity, make the skin smoother, firmer, brighter, and prevent acne formation.


The secret to achieving firmer and ageless facial skin!

Euromedica Research Lab introduces yet another innovation with the HYALU 5 treatment. Featuring three types of hyaluronic acid, this treatment elevates facial skin to new heights, offering moisturization, firmness, and reduction of fine lines and signs of aging.


One of the latest and most advanced treatments designed to moisturize, enhance texture, and revitalize facial skin.

Introducing the newest innovation from Euromedica Research Lab, designed to elevate the quality of facial skin. This breakthrough treatment features a bio-stimulating gel with a key ingredient based on Polynucleotide (PN), promoting moisturization, regenerating the dermal layer, and firming facial skin.