Managerial Strength

With a solid managerial team comprising 17 core departments, we coordinate on a daily basis to ensure that our clients receive the best service at our clinic.

Product Innovation
Researching the latest trends in treatment to be developed and implemented as a new treatment, or improvement to existing ones. Approach medical providers, organize treatment trials with aesthetic doctors and medical professionals, and coordinate treatment launches with related departments. Lastly, evaluating treatment performances through progress photos and trialist review.
Medical Service Development
Create a training timeline for product knowledge and hands-on delivery for the medical crew. Maintain an equal standard of service behavior, skill, and hospitality service among the medical crew. Monitor the training implementation and review of all medical crew. Evaluate the training implementation at the clinic within an evaluation period.
Quality Management System
This division is created to ensure effective workflow or business processes in the organization. QMS will evaluate and standardize every work process and performance. Using the Standard Operational Procedure, the same information, method, skills, and controls will then be consistently applied at all times. This standardized performance will help ensure customer satisfaction with our services.
Client Experience
Develop a client journey to ensure all clients have a positively memorable experience from every touch point. Which creates long-term relationships.
Creating strategies to promote buying or selling a product or service, as well as developing activities to enhance brand awareness for the company. These activities include brand awareness campaigns, lead generation marketing, brand activation through offline marketing, B2B marketing, loyalty marketing programs, and digital marketing activities.
Human Capital
Creating a high confidence level of business through providing cutting edge and excellent organization and people capability.

Human Capital plays a pivotal role in aligning the organization’s strategies with its workforce, fostering growth, and driving the organization toward market leadership.
Fraud Prevention
Part of EUROMEDICA GROUP ecosystem with a role to enforce efforts to prevent, control, and monitor fraudulent activities that can cause financial losses and damage to the company’s reputation.