Coming Closer To You: SKIN+ and SLIM+ Open a New Branch at Gandaria City


EUROMEDICA Group always strives to understand the needs of the Indonesian community in self-care. Therefore, to get closer to beauty enthusiasts in South Jakarta, SKIN+ and SLIM+ Clinic have opened a new branch at Gandaria City.

On August 16, 2023, EUROMEDICA Group opened its 44th and 45th clinics as a one-stop beauty solution. SKIN+ and SLIM+ Clinic are committed to providing the best and affordable body care services.

Andri Susanto Yos, the VP of Business Unit at EUROMEDICA Group, stated, “We are confident in continually expanding our business evenly so that all members of the community can experience the best services and solutions for body and beauty care.”

Trilogy 2.0 SKIN+ Clinic for Glowing Skin

Through its business unit, SKIN+ Clinic, EUROMEDICA Group addresses the needs of urban individuals to help achieve optimal health, hydration, and a radiant complexion for their facial skin. These treatments are available at SKIN+ Clinic and are part of Trilogy 2.0, which includes the following facial treatments:

1. Medical Trilogy

This treatment involves facial skin treatments using three cutting-edge technologies - Aqua Clear, Laser, and Infusion, to make the skin cleaner, brighter, and more nourished.

2. Recovery Trilogy

An advanced facial skin care regimen within the Trilogy 2.0 range, suitable for all skin types, and especially beneficial for acne-prone skin. This treatment consists of three stages: Diamond Peel, Oxy Clear, and Photodynamic Therapy.

3. Maintenance Trilogy

The final treatment in the Trilogy 2.0 series aims to maintain already healthy facial skin in perfect condition. This treatment process includes SKIN+ Signature Massage, Radio Frequency, and Oxy Clear.

Optimal Body Appearance with Active Trilogy

With a focus on body slimming, EUROMEDICA Group introduces SLIM+ Clinic with the Active Trilogy concept as a solution for fat reduction and centimeter tightening on the body. SLIM+ offers various treatments that include:

1. Body Contouring Treatment

Body treatments administered by professional doctors, injections, and the use of the latest slimming technology aimed at improving body metabolism, reducing body circumference, and losing weight.

2. Healthy Diet Intake

Assisting Slimates in maintaining their dietary intake to ensure calorie needs are met without deficits and nutritional requirements are fulfilled.

3. Muscle Toning

Not only focusing on weight and body shape but also on muscle formation. It helps strengthen muscles, provides toning effects, and lifts specific body areas.

The presence of the new SKIN+ and SLIM+ clinic at Gandaria City makes it convenient for the community to obtain facial and body care with satisfying results at affordable prices.