Our Brands

EUROMEDICA Group is a holding and management entity that includes European Slimming Centre, EUROSKINLAB, SKIN+, SLIM+, and FibreFirst. With its integrated beauty and slimming services, it has firmly established itself as the leading medical aesthetics group in Indonesia. We deliver results, not promises!

Medical Aesthetics Clinic

  • European Slimming Centre

    Established in 2006, European Slimming Centre is hailed as one of Indonesia's most trusted slimming centers. We offer customers the most personalized treatments with the latest and most advanced slimming technologies.

  • Euroskinlab

    Established in 2008, EUROSKINLAB is a premium aesthetic clinic offering high-quality treatments and services. With the latest technology and experienced medical professionals in the beauty and aesthetics field, we offer treatments that can be customized to clients’s needs and facial skin.

  • Skin+

    SKIN+ was founded in 2018 to address the growing societal needs for body and daily skincare. As the pioneer of Medical Facials in Indonesia, SKIN+ introduces the concept of fast, affordable, and effective Medical Facials.

  • Slim+

    SLIM+ was founded as The First Virtual Weight-Loss Centre. It also offers a variety of treatments for weight loss with a personalized and comprehensive approach. With SLIM+, our clients' weight loss journey will be guided and supported by a Personalized Diet Coach (PDC) until they achieve their desired goals.


  • Fibrefirst

    FibreFirst is a premium fiber supplement and nutrition derived from fruit and vegetable extracts to help meet daily fiber intake and maximize daily detoxification. Consuming it regularly optimizes daily detoxification, enhances digestive health for better nutrient absorption, and leaves your body feeling fresher and healthier.