Euromedica Research Lab is a research and development department belong to EUROMEDICA Group which has been established since 2006. We focus on formulating and creating best quality of treatments with the latest technology for our valuable clients.

Our research and development team recognizes that being innovative and successful in a global marketplace requires passion, hard work and years of expertise. In addition, we pay attention to the details of what works and what doesn't work for our clients' bodies and skin.

Long experience and expertise in the fields of science and technology help us to deliver solutions based on the principles of functional care where we adapt our products and treatments to a wide range of clients' needs.

The ingredients for the products and treatments that we use are ensured to be free from ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment. We believe that the exclusive products and treatments, we have developed are more than just an instrument for profit; they can also serve to provide effective, results-oriented treatments, to help you achieve the body shape and skin tone that you desired.


Euromedica Research Lab presents Alphabooster – Intensive treatment using mesogun injector to introduce anti-ageing and brightening concentrated serum into the dermis to revitalize, brighten and improve the skin texture.


Euromedica Research Lab presents Rejuran – Glowing skin with Salmon DNA active ingredient. Enhances the skin's ability to regenerate, improving skin imperfection while maintaining its moisture level.

  • Heals damaged skin
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Euromedica Research Lab presents -10 Minus Ten – Non invasive fat freezing treatment that combines Cryolipolysis, Vacuum, and LED technology to reduce fat cells permanently without pain.

  • Minimal downtine
  • Destroys fat cells through apoptosis
  • Centimeter loss with minimal pain

Euromedica Research Lab presents Oxy Bright – Superfacial treatment combining deep exfoliation to remove dead skin cells build up and oxygenation of  skin surface to enhance serum penetration.

Euromedica Research Lab presents Luxurious 2050’s Truffle Mask – Anti-ageing facial treatment promoting collagen production, suppressing melanin activity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Rich of antioxidants from Oryza Sativa and Tuber Melanosporum Extract.

Euromedica Research Lab presents Instawhite+ – The hyperpigmentation eraser. Combination of two technologies between Luminous laser and Instawhite serum with mesogun injector that are able to suppress melanocyte activities, help improve hyperpigmentation and achieve a brighter complexion.

Euromedica Research Lab presents Hairplus treatment to promote new hair growth up to 50-70% more of stronger, healthier and denser hair follicles. Provides detoxification on hair strands and improve microvasculature and blood circulation of the scalp.