EUROMEDICA Group is known as the advanced aesthetic group in Indonesia with a successful track record by implementing the latest technologies and delivering VVIP service towards our customers. Our mission is to keep expanding and rise above to become the best choice for all-in-one beauty solution in the market.

Through our portfolio business, European Slimming Centre®, EUROSKINLAB®, and SKIN+, we are proud to be able to cater wide range of the market and we are also the only company in Indonesia that offers as such complete range of aesthetics and slimming services.

We used the latest technology from USA and EUROPE for slimming and skin treatments with international standard of safety to deliver the best result for our clients - FDA approved, safe, and suitable for all skin types. With more than 10 years practice, research and development, we are confident that we have the knowledge, experience, and skills to help our customers for anything that concerns their health and beauty.

ESC® , EUROSKINLAB® and SKIN+ are supported by professionally trained doctors that are experienced in slimming and skin aesthetics. Our approach is to provide comfort and premium service supported by our rigorously selected and trained beauticians, therapists, and nurses. We adapt to the current trends and technology to apply in all our treatments in order to deliver an effective result to our valuable clients.



Help our clients to achieve the best version of themselves.


  • The latest technology to provide excellent results.
  • Excellent service for customer satisfaction.
  • World class facilities.
  • International standard of safety.

The international standard that related to Quality Management Systems (QMS). QMS itself is the compilation of various processes, resources, assets, and cultural values and the efficiency of the company that focuses on Customer Satisfaction.